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Responsible AI for Local Journalism project launches new website

The international and interdisciplinary research project on responsible AI for local journalism has launched its new website.


The public and research community can now find all the information about the responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) in local journalism project on its new website:

The international and interdisciplinary project is developing new perspectives and insights into AI applications that can shape local journalism's future. The intent is to help local news media better deal with the economic issues they face while meeting their socio-ethical responsibilities. Experts from LMU Munich, the University of Amsterdam, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and the University of Stavanger (Norway) will work on AI applications for various activities along the news value chain over the next three years as well as conducting related academic research. Interdisciplinary by design, the collaborative research team comes from the academic fields of computational communication and linguistics, media management and economics, AI law, and ethics.

The Volkswagen Foundation is funding this research project under its Artificial Intelligence and the Society of the Future initiative. Against the background of emerging developments in AI, the overall aim of the Foundation’s initiative is to enable novel project constellations and interdisciplinary cooperations to shift thinking towards new perspectives and solutions as well as expand methodological approaches. The amount granted to the project is EUR 1,412,000.

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