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Informed citizenship and democratic participation in the contemporary media ecosystem

Das IfKW lädt ein zum Vortrag von Maria Elizabeth (Betsi) Grabe

26.11.2018 um 10:00 Uhr

maria_grabeMaria Elizabeth (Betsi) Grabe
Professor and Associate Dean,
The Media School, Indiana University (Bloomington), USA

Montag, 26.11.2018
10-12 Uhr
Oettingenstraße 67, Hörsaal B001

In democracies across the world, voting rates are declining while media use is growing. As a consequence, alarming conclusions about a democratic crisis are advanced. Yet, it might be time to suspend such concern and calibrate research practices to accommodate an explication of informed citizenship and democratic participation fitted more closely to contemporary life. Doing so requires straying from dominant research paradigms that are grounded in convictions about the eminence of rational thought, the superiority of the written word, and the objectivity standard of news as cold hard facts. During this talk, the outcomes of experimental studies on the information value and participatory potential of images and emotionally personalized news will be presented. The goal is to exchange thought and research approaches on how to study news in the current media ecosystem of democratic systems.