Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft und Medienforschung (IFKW)




IAMCR 2013 in Dublin

Die Vorträge im Einzelnen:

Baden, Christian & Schultz, Friederike: Uncertainty and Dynamics in the Financial Crisis (2007-2012): Analyzing Communicative Complexity in News media, Public Relations and Social Media.

Baden, Christian & Springer, Nina: Can user frames contribute to the plurality of media frames on the financial crisis?

Engelmann, Ines & Etzrodt, Katrin: Media’s Gender Construction and Their Possible Causes. A Content Analysis of Female and Male Politicians in Online Newspapers

Fiedler, Anke: Media and nation building in postsecession South Sudan: A beacon of press freedom in Africa?

Hanitzsch, Thomas: Interrogating the Collapse of Media Trust: A Comparative Perspective and Multilevel Explanation. in a changing media environment

Karnowski, Veronika & Rossmann, Constanze: Mobilize by mobile. Effectiveness of a text message-intervention to promote physical activity among young adults

Krämer, Benjamin: On-line music recommendation platforms as implementations of

Meyen, Michael & Fiedler, Anke: After the Arab Spring: The freedom of the media in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Iraq

Meyen, Michael: GDR Media as a Barrier for Commercial Culture

Meyen, Michael: Media logic on the pitch: A content analysis of TV football commentaries in seven countries

Müller, Philipp & Hohlfeld, Ralf: Journalists´ Presumptions of Media Effects: A Theoretical Framework of their Dimensions, Determinants & Consequences ontologies of musical taste

Riesmeyer, Claudia: Necessary partners: The relation between journalists and press agents

Riesmeyer, Claudia: The unknown decisions-makers: Media managers and their impact on the media production process

Scherr, Sebastian & Reinemann, Carsten: Differences in Individual Suicide Risk Assessment in the Light of the Werther Effect

Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: Veronika Karnowski