Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft und Medienforschung (IFKW)




IAMCR 2015 in Montreal

Die Vorträge im Einzelnen:

Baugut, Philip, Fawzi, Nayla & Reinemann, Carsten: Proximity in the City? Describing, Explaining and Assessing a Crucial Dimension of the Relationship between Political Actors and Journalists in a Mixed Methods Comparative Analysis of German Cities

Haim, Mario, Goodwin, Bernhard & Graefe, Andreas: A classification of technological advances in journalism

Karidi, Maria & Meyen, Michael: Hallin and Mancini Reloaded. Media Systems beyond the Western World

Karidi, Maria & Meyen, Michael: Resilient news media? How new media actors shape the news

Kobilke, Lara & Baugut, Philip: Mediatization of Politics from a Psychological Point of View. Exploring Media Effects on Scandalized Politicians in a Qualitative Analysis of Two German Cases

Springer, Nina & Nuernbergk, Christian: Disentangling commenting user networks: A social network analysis

Steindl, Nina, Lauerer, Corinna & Hanitzsch, Thomas: Journalism Students in Times of Crisis: Uncertanty about Professional Outlook

Uretschläger, Anja, Rogers, Rebecca, Wallner, Cornelia, Goodwin, Bernhard & Brosius, Hans-Bernd: Influence of media coverage and observable environmental change on risk perception and environmental awareness