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ICA 2014 in Seattle

Auf der diesjährigen Jahrestagung der International Communication Association (ICA) war erneut eine Vielzahl von Mitarbeitern des IfKW vertreten. Eine Auflistung der Vorträge finden Sie hier:

Main conference:

Armstrong, J. Scott; Du, Rui; Green, Kesten; Graefe, Andreas, House, Alexandra: Predictive Validity of Evidence-Based Advertising Principles: An Application of the Index Method

Baden, Christian & Springer, Nina: Rearranging Repertoires: How User Commentary Contributes to Journalistic Diversity in the Coverage of the Financial Crisis

Bartsch, Anne & Schneider, Frank: Entertainment and Politics Revisited: How Nonescapist Forms of Entertainment Can Stimulate Political Interest and Information Seeking

Brueggemann, Michael; Goetzenbrucker, Gerit; Hanitzsch, Thomas; Keel, Guido & Schacht, Laura: Diverging Worlds of Foreign Correspondence: A Profession Between Continuity and Change

Fawzi, Nayla: Do Media Govern? Mediatization of Energy Policy in Germany From Political Actors’ and Journalists’ Point of View

Hanitzsch, Thomas; Hanusch, Christian & Lauerer, Corinna: Culture Matters: Influences on Interventionist Role Orientations of Journalists in 21 Countries

Kapidzic, Sanja & Martins, Nicole: The Relationship Between the Internalization of Media Ideals and Profile Picture Selection on Facebook

Kapidzic, Sanja; Neuberger, Christoph; Stieglitz, Stefan & Landwehr, Malte: A Content Analysis of User Roles in the Twitter Discourse on the NSA Scandal in Germany

Karnowski, Veronika & Rossmann, Constanze: Text2Move: Effectiveness of a Text Message-Intervention to Promote Physical Activity Among Young Adults

Karnowski, Veronika & Struckmann, Samson: News Consumption in a Changing Media Ecology: An MESM-Study on Mobile News

Klinger, Ulrike; Magin, Melanie & Wallner, Cornelia: Making Norms and Values Visible: Reflections on Media Policy Research

Krämer, Benjamin: Strategies of Media Use: Linking Reception and Life, Social Structure, and Practice

Kümpel, Anna & Haas, Alexander: Framing Gaming: The Effects of Media Frames on Perceptions of Game(r)s

Leiner, Dominik; Keyling, Till & Karnowski, Veronika: Discussing News on Facebook? The Interplay of Sharing of and Commenting on Online News Articles

Obermaier, Magdalena; Fawzi, Nayla & Koch, Thomas: Bystanding or Standing by? How the Number of Bystanders Affects the Intention to Intervene in Cyberbullying

Pentzold, Christian & Lohmeier, Christine: Doing Mediated Memories Memory Work and the Practices of Cuban-American Remembrance

Peter, Christina: "This Ad is So You!“: Perception and Effectiveness of Personalized Online Advertisement

Peter, Christina & Koch, Thomas: When Truth Hurts: How Rectifying Misinformation Can Lead to Unintended Consequences

Riesmeyer, Claudia; Rothenberger, Liane & Sehl, Annika: (Changing) Norms and Values in Journalism and Journalism Studies

Schneider, Frank; Vogel, Ines Clara; Gleich, Ulrich & Bartsch, Anne: Evaluating Movies: A Review and a Framework for Investigating Underlying Psychological Processes

Schöller, Clarissa: Successful PR Consulting: When is PR Work Consulting and What is Necessary to Ensure Success?

Unkel, Julian & Haas, Alexander: Validity of Self-Reported Television Use in Quantitative Surveys

Unkel, Julian; Kümpel, Anna & Haas, Alexander: Political Celebrity Endorsements on Facebook: Effects and Perceived Effects

Wendelin, Manuel; Engelmann, Ines & Neubarth, Julia: News Values in Online User Rankings: Comparing the News Selection of Journalists and the Audience

Zerback, Thomas; Fawzi, Nayla & Peter, Christina: Can Exemplars Trigger a Spiral of Silence?

Preconference: Communication and "The Good Life" Around the World After Two Decades of the Digital Divide

Löblich, Maria: Equity vs. Neutrality? How Digital Divide and Network Neutrality Became Opposing Concepts in the Debate About Open Internet Rules

Preis der Game Studies Interest Group, zweiter Platz im Bereich der Top Competitive Papers:

Kümpel, Anna & Haas, Alexander für das Paper: Framing Gaming. The Effects of Media Frames on Perceptions of Game(r)s

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