Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft und Medienforschung (IFKW)




ICA 2016 in Fukuoka

Main conference:

Arendt, Florian: Effects of Reading Newspaper Articles about Smoking on Implicit and Explicit Attitudes

Arendt, Florian, Brosius, Hans-Bernd & Coschignano, Alessia: Shock Tactics in Road Safety Spots and Fading Memory Effects for Risk Awareness Information

Arendt, Florian, Peter, Christina & Beck, Julia: Idealized Female Beauty, Social Comparisons, and Awareness Intervention Material: Evidence for Preventive Effects in Young Women

Bartsch, Anne, Keppeler, Johanna, Kloß, Andrea, Angerer, Lukas, Humml, Miriam & Leitner, Theresa: Courage to Face the Truth: Positive, Negative and Mixed Affect as Predictors of Individuals' Acceptance of Ego-Threatening Information in Prosocial Media Messages

Bartsch, Anne, Keppeler, Johanna, Posthumus, Lone, Kloß, Andrea, Scherr, Sebastian, Mares, Marie-Louise & Kretzschmar, Sonja: More Than Shoot-Em-Up and Torture Porn: Reflective Appropriation and Meaning-Making of Violent Media Content

Baugut, Philip, Fawzi, Nayla & Reinemann, Carsten: More than proximity and harmony. Dimensions of the relationship between local politicians and journalists in German cities

Baugut, Philip & Scherr, Sebastian: How the Political Leanings of Journalists are Related to the Acceptance of Questionable Reporting Practices

van Dalen, Arjen, Berganza, Rosa, Skovsgaard, Morten & Steindl, Nina: Journalistic Trust in Public Institutions

Engelmann, Ines & Wendelin, Manuel: Recommender System Cues and Co-Orientation in Users' Online News Selection

Fawzi, Nayla: Low media trust = low political trust? Exploring the influence of disenchantment with the media on political attitudes

Frey, Felix: Experiential Media Reception: Conceptualization and Empirical Validation of an Integrative Concept

Gonen, Yonatan & Hoxha, Abit: Relations and interactions between journalists from two sides of a conflict

Graefe, Andreas, Haim, Mario, Haarmann, Bastian & Brosius, Hans-Bernd: Readers' Perception of Computer-Written News: Credibility, Expertise, and Readability

Haas, Alexander & Unkel, Julian: Ranking Versus Reputation: Perception and Effects of Search Results' Credibility

Haim, Mario, Arendt, Florian & Scherr, Sebastian: Abyss or Shelter? On the Relevance of Web Search Engines' Search Results When People Google for Suicide

Haim, Mario & Graefe, Andreas: Automated News: Better Than Expected?

Haim, Mario, Graefe, Andreas & Brosius, Hans-Bernd: The Burst of the Bubble? Effects of Automated Personalization on News Diversity

Haim, Mario, Weimann, Gabriel & Brosius, Hans-Bernd: Who Sets the Cyber Agenda? Intermedia Agenda-Setting Online: The Case of NSA

Hanitzsch, Thomas, van Dalen, Arjen & Steindl, Nina: The Erosion of Trust in the Press as "Spill-over" Effect: A Comparative and Longitudinal Analysis

Hanitzsch, Thomas, Ramaprasad, Jyotika & Arroyave, Jesus Antonio: Perceived Influences on the News and Factors that Drive News Production

Hanitzsch, Thomas & Vos, Tim: Journalism Beyond Democracy: A New Look Into Journalistic Roles in Civic and Everyday Life

Hanitzsch, Thomas & Vos, Tim: Journalistic Roles and the Struggle Over Professional Identity: The Discursive Constitution of Journalism

Hoxha, Abit & Hanitzsch, Thomas: How the news comes into being: Researching conflict news production through retrospective reconstruction interviews

Kapidzic, Sanja, Neuberger, Christoph, Stieglitz, Stefan & Mirbabaie, Milad: Interaction and Influence on Twitter: A Content Analytic Comparison of User Types on Five Topics

Koch, Thomas, Obermaier, Magdalena & Riesmeyer, Claudia: Powered by Public Relations? Journalists' and PR Practitioners' Perceptions of Their Relationships and PR Influence

Jungblut, Marc: Distributed, discussed or discredited? Media reflections in NGO publication

Jungblut, Marc & Ohliger, Ursula: Journalism Culture and its Impact on the Contextualization of Reality: A Qualitative Narrative and Framing Analysis of the Political Foreign News in German and British Newspapers

Jungblut, Marc & Zakareviciute, Ieva: Do Pictures Tell a Different Story? A Multimodal Frame Analysis of the 2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict

Kümpel, Anna, Karnowski, Veronika & Leonhard, Larissa: Why Users Share the News: Uncovering the Role of Motives, Attitudes, and Intention in Predicting News Sharing Behavior

Lauerer, Corinna: Separating the Quarrelers? The Relationship Between Advertising Sales Department and Newsroom Within Media Organizations

Leiner, Dominik: Attitude Strength and Weaknesses: A Comprehensive Study on Effect Sizes of Attitude Attributes on Opinion Change

Leiner, Dominik: Too Fast, Too Straight, Too Weird: Post Hoc Identification of Meaningless Data in Internet Surveys

Leiner, Dominik: Our Research's Breadth Lives on Convenience Samples: A Case Study of the Online Respondent Pool "SoSci Panel"

Leiner, Dominik, Scherr, Sebastian & Bartsch, Anne: Development of a New Research Method Using an Open Source Plugin for Web Analytics Software to Measure Online Selective Exposure in Naturalistic Settings

Meyen, Michael & Karidi, Maria: Beyond Hallin and Mancini: A Media System Typology Based on 16 Nonwestern Countries

Meyen, Michael & Wiedemann, Thomas: Journalism Professors in the German Democratic Republic (GDR): A Collective Biography

Müller, Philipp, Schmitt, Josephine & Krämer, Benjamin: Between Association and Dissociation: How Parents Influence Media Innovativeness at Later Life Stages

Neuberger, Christoph, Langenohl, Susanne & Nuernbergk, Christian: Journalism as Multichannel Communication: A Study on the Use of Social Media in German Newsrooms

Neumann, Katharina, Karadas, Narin & Baugut, Philip: Reciprocal Effects Among Right-Wing Extremists

Peter, Christina: Does Negative Information About an Expert Endorser Harm the Promoted Product?

Peter, Christina, Meier, Adrian & Koch, Thomas: (Unintended) Effects of Pop Culture References on the Perception of Politicians

Peter, Christina & Ponzi, Milan: Advertising Strategies for Hedonic vs. Utilitarian Brands: The Risk of Omitting Warmth or Competence Dimension

Pfaff-Rüdiger, Senta & Riesmeyer, Claudia: Moved into action: Media literacy as social process

Pflügler, Sebastian & Baugut, Philip: Moralism, Constructivism, Relativism: Identifying and Describing the Approaches of Research on Scandal

Reinemann, Carsten: Ebola, the CIA, and media trust. Exploring the determinants of belief in a conspiracy theory

Scherr, Sebastian, Mares, Marie-Louise, Bartsch, Anne & Götz, Maya: Parents and TV as Socializers of 6- to 19-Year-Olds' Expressions of Emotion: Representative Data From Germany

Schöller, Clarissa: Clients in Interaction: An Alternative Perspective on Public Relations Consulting

Springer, Nina & Nuernbergk, Christian: Commenting User Networks: Two Case Studies on Interactions and Behavioral Self-Regulation in Comments Sections

Stehr, Paula, Karnowski, Veronika & Rossmann, Constanze: The Multifaceted Usage Patterns of Nutrition Apps: A Survey on the Appropriation of Nutrition Apps Among German Users

Sukalla, Freya, Wagner, Anna & Rackow, Isabel: Dispelling Fears and Myths of Organ Donation: How Narratives Including Information Reduce Ambivalence and Reactance

Thurman, Neil: News media content personalization: Converged, commodified, and contracted out

Thurman, Neil & Schifferes, Stephen: Inside the Black Box of Algorithmic News Detection: Plus ça change?

Thurman, Neil & Schifferes, Stephen: Risks and Opportunities in Automated Newsgathering: First Findings From the Frontline

Unkel, Julian & Haas, Alexander: Situational and Issue Involvement as Determinants of Search Engine Usage Behavior

Unkel, Julian & Kümpel, Anna: The Effects of Digital Games on Hedonic, Eudaimonic, and Telic Entertainment Experiences

Wagner, Anna & Sukalla, Freya: Targeting Physical Inactivity: Effects of Three Consequence Frames on Subgroups' Health-Related Perceptions and Behavioral Intentions

Preconference: Journalism Studies Graduate Student Colloquium:

Ohliger, Ursula: The Political Coverage in German Tabloids in the Course of Time

Preconference: Populism in, By, and Against the Media:

Reinemann, Carsten, Aalberg, Toril, Esser, Frank, Stromback, Jesper & De Vreese, Claes: Theorizing Populist Political Communication. Towards a Model of its Causes, Forms, and Effects

Reinemann, Carsten, Matthes, Jörg & Sheafer, Tamir: Effects of Populist Political Communication Through and by the Media

Preconference: The All-powerful Mobile:

Riesmeyer, Claudia: Do it yourself: media literacy and self-socialization

Postconference: Communicating with Machines: The Rising Power of Digital Interlocutors in Our Lives:

Thurman, Neil, Schifferes, Stephen & Hunt, Stephen: Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, and Newsgathering

Top Faculty Paper, Journalism Studies Division:

Hanitzsch, Thomas & Vos, Tim: Journalism Beyond Democracy: A New Look Into Journalistic Roles in Civic and Everyday Life

Top Student Paper Award, Mass Communication Division:

Sukalla, Freya, Wagner, Anna & Rackow, Isabel: Dispelling Fears and Myths of Organ Donation: How Narratives Including Information Reduce Ambivalence and Reactance

Top Paper Award, Studies in Communication|Media (SCM):

Baugut, P., Fawzi, N., & Reinemann, C. (2015). Mehr als Nähe und Harmonie. Dimensionen des Verhältnisses von Kommunalpolitikern und Lokaljournalisten in deutschen Städten. Studies in Communication|Media (SCM), 4(4), 407-436.