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Prof. Dr. Anne Bartsch - short CV

Anne Bartsch is Professor at the Department of Communication Studies and Media Research an the LMU Munich. She received her PhD (2004) and Habilitation (2011) in Media and Communication Studies from the University of Halle. She specializes in research on media uses and effects. Her current research deals with the appeal of moving and thought-provoking media experiences, and with the effects of such experiences on audiences´cognitive elaboration, information seeking, and interpersonal communication about the media content. Her current research projects examine the effects of moving and thought-provoking messages in the context of entertainment, political communication, health communication, destigmatization, and risk communication. Anne Bartsch has edited two books "Audiovisual Emotions" and "Media Rituals", and serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Communication, Media Psychology, and the Journal of Media Psychology.